Thursday, June 26, 2008

Raja Petra Lies: Najib

Above is the one of the headlines in newspaper today - Berita Harian Online. Altantuya's case could be considered in one of the high profile cases after the case of Anwar Ibrahim. Altantuya's case becomes hotter and hotter day by day because there will be always new evidence and statement by the witnesses. This case more critical when the well known blogger - Raja Petra claimed that Najib and his wife involve in Altantuya's murder.

Today newspaper, Najib claimed that Raja Petra tried to destroy his reputation by writing in his blog that Najib and his wife are involve in this case. Raja Petra claimed that he has source that can be trusted but he never revealed who or what the source is. I hate to make early prediction and I hate to say who or what is involved if it is not clearly proven. Police is still under investigation and whoever found guilty will be punished - thats the rule.

Believe me, this case is hard to be followed unless you are really interested of it. Frankly said, I just can't wait for the verdict. We will wait and see and don't forget to read about it and get to know a little bit about this case.

I'm wondering if the accuse made by Raja Petra is true. If it is true - what will be going to happen next?



Faizal, I'm actually following this case. Hubby and I are wondering what will transpire next as well! ;)

I never really did follow this case. So therefore, here's a tag for you! :P

Hi Faizal, swing in from Monica's blog to say hello.
I am following this case, just hope there's some justice done for Atantuya.
Have a nice day!


We hope justice will serve. That's all.


I was tagged again. :) It seems that it is the same tag from both of you. Thanks. Should I say that I live in EUROPE? :)