Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spain Russia Greece and Sweden

As I said before, mainly I choose one from these four teams to be a champ of EURO 2008 - France, Netherlands, Germany and Portugal but I might left behind one of the biggest football power in Europe - Spain and last night Spain beat Russia 4-1 in a terrific football showed by those talented Spain's players. I was so sleepy last night, so I didn't watch the whole game. I was only watch the first half of Spain vs Russia and I totally didn't watch the match between Greece and Sweden. I only watched the highlights this morning.

One clear thing here, the great and terrific performance by David Villa with the first hat-trick in EURO 2008 and I truly and honestly believe, beside Netherlands - which is my second favorite team, Spain also has a wide chance to step forward to the next round and they might also become the Champ of EURO 2008. However, it quite disappointed that Torres didn't score any goal. I really need Torres to score because he is the striker for my EURO fantasy football team.

What a shame for Greece as EURO 2004 Champ. Lost 0-2 to Sweden didn't show that really has desire to keep the Cup for the second time. And I really impress with the great goal came from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The race for EURO's title now more exciting and everyone wants the favorite team to win this EURO 2008.

For my friend Jamjar, good luck for Spain, I hope Spain will face any one of my four teams.

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Aww, thanks for the mention! I don't rate David Villa that much because he can be quite selfish - a good example from last night was when he ran on to goal in the first half and could have put Torres through but instead wasted an opportunity. Torres doesn't do that. The first goal is proof of that.



But Villa still a good one. Sometimes player is really looking to make the name because he can play very well.