Wednesday, June 4, 2008

World Never Stop to Change (No 3)


As far as I concern, as I far as I know, and as I was taught in primary school, John Logie Baird was the man who first invented the so-called television. John Logie Baird was the man who introduced and invented the mechanical television. It was 25th March 1925 when John demostrated his invention. However, prior to that date, the origin of television system can be traced back to the discovery of the photoconductivity of the element selenium by by Willough Smith in 1873, the invention of scanning disk by Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884, and Philo Farnsworth's Image Dissector in 1927.

I'm not gonna write about the history of the television because the vital thing here is to analyze how a lot of things around us are actually changing to the better one whether we realize it or not and I'm pretty sure, most of young generations do not even care to know that the complicated and sophisticated gadgets they use nowadays are the development of the old school things like the old television as the picture above.

We watch televisions everyday and some people are so addicted to television (including myself). As the television system is improved, the choose of programs to be watched also changes. Years ago, television might only important to get information and news. To get to know about crucial things happen locally or internationally. However, nowadays, television is not only the medium of news, it is a medium for entertainment, to have fun, to get more excitement in life, to gather family together in the living room and on the other side, television is also an evil invention.

So, people can choose whether get benefits or to badly influence by television. As television system is changing, people have to change too. Some fun you get from television might be dangerous to other people. An easy examples, kids who watch Superman try to fly from high building and kids who watch wrestling on tv, hit their friends and teenagers who watch to much tv shows and dramas involving weapons and guns, shot their friends and teachers in schools.

No advise from me, just keep watching and thinking. :)

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