Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Early New Semester

I miss four days to blog because I been so busy cleaning up the house and make a preparation for the new semester, plus for the last few days, I was having problem with my internet connection. I got few tags but I still can't complete those tags because a little bit busy with the house and other few things. I have started my new blog to share what I learn in my legal study. I hope my course mates will have time to visit the blog and I also hope all my blogger friends who frequently visit this blog like Marzie, Rozella, Ratu Syura, Monica, Martini, Nick, Noushy and other few bloggers can have time to take a look at my new blog. The blog's tittle is Life and Learn at

That new blog is an experiment and I will keep track whether it will really help myself and my friends or not. But I hope it will. That blog just another little effort to help myself in my study. I consider the method of blog is a new method to help me in my legal study. Plus, it might help my friend too. Believe me, having few blogs is tough but I will try to handle all four blogs I have so far.

Wish me luck and have a nice moment fellas.



Congrats on yer new blog! :) Will definitely go by and check it out.

Oh ya I forgot! I have a tag for you. Hehehe Alakazam!

will drop by your new blog soon ;-)