Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A lot of thing happened in the previous few days which made me learn more about life and friendship. On Saturday 12th July, one of my friends was hospitalized because of the worse fever. She suffered dengue. Before Saturday, she was sick for a few days and it became worse day by day and finally one of her best friend made a decision to bring her to hospital so the doctor can analyze her blood whether she really suffered dengue or not. We were waiting for 3 hours before the result of the blood test came out and waiting for three hours really made me to piss off but I try to hold my temper.

On Sunday, I went to UIA with one of my best friend to meet another best friend of us. Actually, I asked my friend in UIA to buy me some book and we went there to take the book. But, we still spend time together for a few hours and talking and joking with each other. My friend in UIA, he bought us the lunch and we really had a great time even for only few hours. Since we entered university, it is so hard to spent time together because each of us have our own commitment but the relationship never loosen.

I learn in these few days about how the beautiful friendship is if we really know how to befriend with other. But life like that, problem and misunderstanding exist in life and friendship. Sometimes friends can be so good, so close but sometimes we argue and having conflict. Sometimes we love our friends but sometimes friends also make us uncomfortable. Learn to live and learn to befriend because friendship to me is one of the art of life. It can be so beautiful which you can't imagine how beautiful it is.

Know yourselves and know your friends.



I had experienced dengue before and it was horrible!!!

hi friend, I just pass my Magic Lamp of Luck for you :)

Amazing thing, isn't it? I don't think you realize how far you'll go for your friends until a crisis sets in. Hope your friend recovers.


I hope your friend gets well soon.