Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gadgets That I Really Want

All right fellas, basically this is the tag I received from Shemah . The tag talking about your dream gadgets and I really have a lot of dream gadget and I don't I will list out everything right here in this post. Maybe just few of them. Because this tag is about dream gadget, so I really want to make it like a "real dream".

So, lets start with the first one ( I hope car and mobile could be considered as gadgets too) - my first dream gadget is the Batman's Mobile from the movie of Batman Begins.
This is really an ultimate Batman's mobile ever and personally this one is lot better than the car used in previous Batman's films. It looks more sophisticated and more tough and as usual it comes in black. It fast, it great and it is an extra ordinary mobile ever. I imagine if I'm driving this car on Malaysia's road and believe me, police never can chase me and I don't ever car about the speed trap. LOL !!!

Now, move on to the second dream gadget and I am presenting to you the Batman's Belt. Multi functioning and I could put anything I like to this belt, not only my cell phone and pens. :) I can put my car keys, bike keys, knife, nail clipper and more things and they people will keep the eyes on me because of my "belt".
Last dream gadgets goes to Batman's Glove and Boots. I could wear the glove while driving my dream Batmobile, while riding bike and I could the gloves to do gardening activities in front of my house. The boots, just wear for fun in the house.

p/s: All Batman's stuff are great gadgets because they are cool.
p/ss: Please consider the gloves and the boots as gadgets too. :) LOL



See, I told you Spain would win, didn't I? Lol.

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Wowww.. you really are a batman fan aren't you! Cool! :)

I wouldn't mind the bat mobile though. And yeah, Syura's right, you are a batman fan aren't you? :D


Yeah, Spain deserved to win.


I'll be on your blog soon


Yeah, I love Batman because he is a superhero without any super power, he just a man who really good at martial art and full with anger, and he has a cool sruff that I want too.

hey faizal.. thanks for doing the tag! It's awesome to see a batman fan! Considering that he has no superpowers, yeah... he truly is a superhero. Among all superheros he has the best gadgets of all!! And the best crib!! LOL!