Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday Almost Over

I didn't blog anything on 2nd and 3rd July because I was away from my home. Erm, my term break is almost over. Even though class will start on 7th July, but I consider today is the last day of this term break because tomorrow I will return to Shah Alam and on Sunday 6th July, I must make a little bit preparation for the first day of new semester. Two months break, now feel so short. Actually, I'm wondering if there is any blogger that I know who live in the area of Shah Alam, PJ or KJ. If I'm not mistaken, Marzie lives around PJ. I think I should meet her one day, if I have chance to do so.

Holiday is over, EURO also was over, time to do nothing is over - know, the time to work for new semester is coming. Time to carry the burden of another EIGHT subjects for the new semester and trust me, I will not be easy. Homework, assignments, tutorials, cases, test and exams - all these are my friends, also my enemies. The new semester which will start this Monday 7th July is my second semester - mean I have 2 and half years more to finish my Bachelor in Legal Study. With the not so good result of first semester, I really have a lot to do for the new semester. I really do not satisfy with my first semester result, 3.something but less that 3.5.

Maybe I didn't work so hard in last first semester - last minute preparation and lack of reading, no effective short notes and only depending on the notes given by seniors. However, from that bad result, I learn something - mistake can't be done twice and I hope I can make myself stronger for the new semester - less play, less fun, more read, more understanding, more exercise, more tutorial finish on time, better assignment and more focus and attention in class.

But, I know it is not easy to be better for new semester - but I must try. Wish me luck.

For Bloggers and Readers who visit my blog, I need response for the following stuff.
*I'm thinking to open another blog which only consist the matter of law, mainly about what I learn for my Bachelor in Legal Study. I can share my understanding about what I learn with my course mates and the blog will be also a another method of my own note.

So, please give your opinion about it. Thanks fellas.



Enjoy the new semester Faizal & good luck!!!
Hope to see your new blog soon ;-)

Greetings and salamz Faizal..

Well done for the new look of your blog...looks gr8!

..and back to school soon? Wish you all the best for this semester.

It's really up to you if you wanna have another blog solely to discuss abt your Legal Study or pertaining to it,we will definitely support you.

Take care and happy WE,honeymoon is over..lolz!

Good luck ya? Your new semester and all. :)

Well, its good coz it will be two-way beneficial, to u and to ur readers.

Hi, i added u already in my blogs. Pls visit and add me in here too. Thanks.

I heard that Nick lives close to PJ.. but I also heard that he's a very bz man! LOL! If you manage to meet up with them both, do let us know! :)

As for the blog, there are hundreds and thousands of bloggers with different interests. So, I'm sure there are a lot of bloggers who would be interested in a blog about your Law studies. There's a space for all topics in the blogosphere.. if that's what you feel like doing, then by all means, go ahead and do it!

Don't be too hard on yourself.. anything above 3.0 is not bad at all. :) But if you didn't meet your goal, just hope you do this coming sem! :) Good luck!

standard la tu bro...
sekali jatuh x kan la nak jatuh byk2 kali lg...
kalo kite dah tahu mcm mane kite boleh terjatuh, kite boleh elak drpd berulang..
saya pon selalu je mcm tu...
nobody is perfect

Morning Faizal! Good luck for ur new semester. 3.something is very good already, u should be happy! Study smart and have a great week ahead! :)

Aww, poor you! Lucky I don't have to worry about anything like that. Still, studying law is something to be admired. I know a friend who was pretty smart and completely flopped when studying it a while back.


ALAKAZAM!!! The genies are back, and this time, we have the Magic Lamp of Luck for you! :)

Faizal..hehhehe,take this tag if you have some spare time in between..:)

Take care and all the best yea.

To all my nice blogger friends who leave comments for this post, thanks so much. Sorry because I can't response to each and every comment for this post. Kinda busy for last 3,4 days because cleaning up new house I rent together with my few friend, plus having a problem with internet connection. Thanks for your support.

that's a good idea Faizal. Looking forward to hopping on your new blog...