Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Wish I Can Help Him

All right fellas, as you know I really can't blog everyday because other commitment. But in this post I really want to share one thing, basically not a thing but a problem which is my friend's problem and I had been given permission by that friend to blog about this. Few weeks ago, this friend came to me and told me his problem. Frankly said, the problem is love problem. All right, I just listened to him and I hope I could help him. Yeah, the problem is pretty complicated and I believe some of my blogger friends experienced this kind of problem.

The problem of my friend is, he is in the middle of two girls. Both girls love him so much and he also love both of them, so the problem is to make a choice. Oh my God, this is really complicated and making a choice is really hard, harder when you love both. So, I told this friend, whatever happened, he must make his choice because he can't have both of girls at the same time. Even he can have both of them but how long it will be last. At the end of the day, he still must make a choice, only one from two girls. I just can tell him, but the decision is in his hand. He the only one can make a choice. I can't encourage him to choose this girl or that girl because this is about feelings, you can't stop it, even if you can, you will suffer.

I wish I can help him. I told him to go back and think wisely. I know it is not easy for him and sometimes he still meet me and asked me if I have solution to help him and till this moment I don't even have the best way to help him. I just can tell him to think and make choice. That's all. For me, this is might be a test for him. A big test. A test to make a choice. The important choice. Sometimes, life makes us don't want to live anymore but you have to go on. You have to make a choice because you have an option. You can't make all people satisfy. At one point you have to hurt other people in order to satisfy others.

Not all people will like us. There are people who will keep hate us. Admit it because that's how "life" works. All people want to make right decision but some decision may only right only at that particular time and then, that decision may become to be a wrong one. LIFE NOT SUCK BUT IT DOES NOT ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. Problems will always come and put the effort to always make yourselves strong and face them. These are our lives and we have to live our lives as long as we breath even thousand of problems are surrounding ourselves and make our lives so hard.

Have a great day fellas.

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Yeah he must make a choice. It'll be hard, yeah, but it's not right to keep them both going. He might end up losing them both if he does that!


Dear Faizal..tell your friend that no body can't tell him what to do. Your life, u have to decide for your happiness..chill and enjoy your life cause life is short!

Hi Faizal, how have u been? Long time no see, hope all is okay.

Being in a similar situation once, I'd tell ur friend to follow his heart and choose the one HE loves more. Between the two, there must be one that he has a stronger soft spot for. Good luck! :)

I hope he will be okay. I believe he will make his own good decision. Pray for him.

SITI (only I know this person)
Thanks for the advice, I will tell him.

Yeah, he should follow his heart, which one he loves more. I will try to help him as I could.

I know it's hard coz I was in a same situation twice. well, I tried to follow my heart and not hurt anyone in the process.

No offense to your friend or anything but how can one person love two people at the same time? To me, that's like not being honest to the two people and also himself. I hope he's able to sort it out and yeah, someone is going to get hurt bad ...

or he could convert to muslim


Actually he is a Muslim.