Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

I didn't post anything for 4 days and for the previous four days, I was really busy with this and that things. I'm very sorry for not able to response to each comment in previous posts. This second semester, after almost two weeks, life becomes harder. There are more and more cases to be read to be remembered. Reading the cases only is not enough. The ability to understand the principle each case is more important and to relate the case to certain statutes and legislations. Yeah, really, life becomes harder now.

I was having a problem with one of my friends before and now everything is settled down, we are now back to be good again and I supposed to say, our friendship is better than before. Another good thing is two of my house mates now already have their own blog after they saw I spent a lot of time in front of my laptop updating my blog and read other people's blog. I will promote their blogs in next post and I hope my blogger friends will have time to visit their blogs and give support to them.

This morning, I had a first test on Constitutional Law II. The question is about the Ruler and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The dismissal of Orang Besar 16 Negeri Perak, whether the dismissal on bad faith can be challenge before the court. The reference is made to the case of Dato' Menteri Othman Baginda v Dato' Ombi Syed Alwi and to the reference of the Article 71 (1) of Federal Constitution. It was a quite hard test where there were three issues to be discussed but I only discussed about one issue. Not a really a good start of semester, but I hope I can improve myself and I must always remind myself not to play to much.

I want to thank all my fellow blogger friends who keep visiting my blog even I haven't update my blog for four days. Thanks a lot fellas.

Always have the great day, everyday.

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Urgh, law sounds so difficult. Still in admiration that anyone can actually do it.

Glad to see you back though - I wondered what had happened to you and was worried because you normally blog so often!


I think everyone has been pretty busy lately. If it wasn't for the opps I also wouldn't paksa myself to rush and post. Hehehe Mata duitan! :P

yeah, stop playing and go study now..LOL..just kidding!
Take a break and give your brain a chance to relax ok ;-)

Hey Scarlet.

Yeah, I'm still here but can't blog so often because of other commitment.


If I get more opps, I am sure I will blog more and more. :)


I hope I can relax.

A lot of us has been having such busy schedules that it's getting harder to blog daily. And like Rozella said, if it wasn't for the assignments, I'd take my time posting too :D Hope things slow down for you soon.