Friday, July 11, 2008

No Class Today

This morning should be a first tutorial class of Constitutional Law II from 830 am - 1020 am but actually no tutorials in the first week of semester. So, one of my good friend also my course mate asked me to have breakfast together. We were talking about few things - politics situation, oils price, the transition of power from Abdullah to Najib and other few issues. We had quite a nice argument in mamak stall and people were staring at us because our loud voice. :)

Believe me, being a law student is not easy because we always want make ourselves the rights persons by claiming that our arguments always true. Sometimes I hate argument because when I started to argue, I will be so emotional and I hate being emotional. I'm a cool and relax person except when I stuck on the road while I am driving and when I saw people drive their cars or rides their bikes like the crazy creatures.

Basically, today is a good mainly because no class. Next week, all classes will on and no cancellation anymore. I hope I really prepare myself to start the real new semester next week. NEXT WEEK!! I'm coming for you.



Remind me never to start an argument with you, a future lawyer! Hehe. I wanted to take up law but I gave up.. Too emotional! LOL!


:) I hope I will do well in my study and being a good lawyer in the future. Hahaha, its not good to be emotional because being emotional when arguing makes people to mix the fact with their own hard feelings.

Hope you have fun once the semester kicks off tomorrow!

askum bro...
dah lame x bersua..
saya ingatkan masok INTEC tu mcm kolej private..
rupe2 nyer dah dikire masok UiTM jgk la...
so, kite kire adik-beradik la jgk rupenyer

Have fun next semester lol!