Friday, July 18, 2008

Nobody Perfect

Trust me, life sometimes can be so unpredictable. Life doesn't suck but it is not always beautiful. Sometimes the part that life can be so unpredictable makes me hate about it even I know I should not hate it because that how life goes on. Recently, I had a serious conflict with one of my friends and we never had that kind of conflict before. Just because of one mistake I did, now this friend think that I have no loyalty to our friendship. Just because one mistake, this friend think I am a selfish person. This friend is really jumping to conclusion just because one mistake I did. Nobody perfect, we are not angel, we do make mistake and we do make sin. Sometimes we are being so emotional and we can't make a right decision in worse situation. The conflict between us happened because I made a wrong decision in bad situation and my action hurt this friend's feeling. I can't totally blame this friend but this friend can't also totally blame me because both of us are human, not angel. We can't be perfect. I know this friend frequently help me but this friend can't pretend that I never do something to help this friend. This friend has no right to easily jump to conclusion just because one mistake I did. But never mind, life like this and whatever happens, I must face it.




Sorry Faizal, wrong blog! LOL! Gosh, I always do that. Well, just ignore the other comment.. :P

Anywaysss.. as I was saying... Like any relationship, friendships also have their ups and downs. I once had an argument with my best friend and we ended up not talking to each other for a year. But then after we patched things up, our bond was stronger than ever. I think your friend must realize that good friends would always own up to their mistakes, just as you have. Just give your friend some time and I'm sure he'll get around to it. For me, the only thing you can do is banyak bersabar and don't give up on your friendship if you really cherish it.. :D


Thanks for the words. I hope we will be okay soon.

things are not complete without quarrel..
i do experienced the similar thing...
one day i tackled down my friend in a soccer game...
he not injured badly, but he really got angry and we had a really long conflict...
we don't speak each other...
until a few weeks later he apologized me and we became closer than ever...

look, fight sometimes useful in realtionship!

I guess every relationship is like that. You win some you lose some, but true friends come around after a while and if they don't... then well, it's just not worth it.


Thanks for both of your words and opinions. I have learn something form your words and I really appreciate it. Life can't always be so beautiful right. If it always beautiful, we will learn nothing in our lives. Thanks again.

take it easy, I am sure your friend will realize it one day...

Hi Faizal, I hope everything is okay now ;-)