Saturday, August 30, 2008

Annoying Callers

Anybody hates to get unknown or better to say annoying calls? Please put your hand up. It seems everybody hates receiving annoying calls from annoying callers. All right, maybe this one can help you with those annoying calls. You can get information from AnnoyingCallers.Com and you can share the annoying numbers with others. I think annoying calls usually come from annoying telemarketers. They love to call people to promote their stuff. I rarely receiving calls from annoying telemarketers, but sometimes I received call from somebody who love to call but they immediately hanged up when I answered the calls. That is more annoying. Why call if you don't want to talk? I don't ever understand what they are thinking when they are calling other people just to disturb them. It is really wasting of time and money. So, we better do something with these kind of people. Share their number on AnnoyingCallers.Com and maybe you might able to find something about those people who love to make annoying calls and become annoying callers. Hate them so much.



*hands up*...LOL
Have a great weekend Faizal!