Sunday, August 3, 2008

August's First Post

All right fellas, this is first post for August, independence's month for my country Malaysia. Life now becomes smoother, even though, not so smoother actually. My friend's love problem is finally solve, but I know the decision he made will hurt someone. I remind him again, once he made a decision he can't satisfy everyone and he must accept it, accept that all those things happen in life are test for us and without problem, there will be no color in life. I t will be a boring life if there is no problem and trouble occur in life.

About the study, classes, and assignments, they become more and more now and I must keep myself strong because more work to do and less play is must. One thing is not so good is I didn't receive any opportunity to do review for almost 2 weeks which make my Pay Pal account maintain without any improvement. Tomorrow (Monday) gonna be hard for me, every Monday is hard day because I have classes from 830am until 6pm. What a tiring day.

Really, a lot of things happened recently and I still live my life as good as I can. Can't wait for Merdeka Day!!!

E-Books As Alternative Way of Reading Materials



Have fun. Happy independence. Glad about your friend!


Hang in there Faizal! Stress come and go, sat lagi tu it'll be back to normal, take care.

So what did ur friend do la? Chose one girl? Tell ur friend, sometimes u have to be cruel in order to be kind, good luck! :)

Thanks so much. :)

Yeah, he just proceed to choose only one girl. Good for him, but I know, he must feel lil bit hurt by hurting the another girl.

Hey Faizal,

thanks for stopping by my place.

i know you know quite a few of my friends cause i always see your name about lol, so thanks for poppin to mine too!

its such a small blogging world really isnt it!

I'm glad to know that the problem has been solved! ;-)

Merdeka Day? Hahaha I'm probably gonna be marching under the hot sun with the whole gang from work! Not my cup of tea, tapi for the sake of the allowances I would let my body bake! :P Hehehe