Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Tuesday 26th August 2008

I don't want to make this blog as the political one, but this Tuesday will be a very important moment to my beloved country, Malaysia. So, I will make this post as neutral as I can. Permatang Pauh's by-election, the moment that Permatang Pauh' people will elect who will be their MP. I am not Permatang Pauh's people, so I really do not know the situation in Permatang Pauh except from what I get from news, websites, and blogs. I do read both sides, the Barisan Nasional and the Pakatan Rakyat. I do believe both sides have their own opinions, their own views and their own thoughts. So, do I care who will be the Permatang Pauh's MP? Yes, I do. There are possibilities to be occur in Permatang Pauh if BN's candidate wins or PR's candidate wins. However, it is not my right to decide who will win, it is the people of Permatang Pauh rights to choose who they want towin. Permatang Pauh's people will decide who they want to represent them and what they want for their area. So, I wish to all Permatang Pauh's people to wisely elect their representative because wrong decision will make them regret. Good luck all Permatang Pauh's people.



hurm...i dunnow wat is ur motive.
but frm d way u giv comment,it seems like u dont want anwar to win right?
for me...its time to no matter what,i respect ur opinion. (^_^)

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