Monday, August 11, 2008

Trapped By Time

5 days without any post in this blog, I find myself is trapped by time. There are so many things to do and I get not much time to surf my blogger friends' blog as well. My apology to all of you. Work become more and more. There a lot of note need to be updated, assignments - they are attacking me right now. Plus, there a lot of cases to be read and to be understood. I find myself unbalance recently. Worse with my bad time management. For past few days I really want to post few entries right here. I think I will make brief of few of them.

Firstly, lets talk about football. Since EURO ended, I haven't write about football anymore. Now, the new season of EPL is coming to me, to us, the EPL's fans. My Manchester United is starting the new journey with good condition by winning the Community Shield against Pompey even without Ronaldo and Rooney on the attacking line. The first game gonna be with Newcastle soon. I hope a good result from the first match of new season.

Second thing, I don't really want to make this blog to be a political blog but the small election of Permatang Pauh will reach soon. Just to be neutral, we just wait and see what will happen in this small election, There are a lot speculation regarding this small election especially the question of who will be competed against Anwar Ibrahim. I hope the Permatang Pauh's people will make the wisest decision just for their benefits.

All right, I have a problem with another which initially I started it to share my law study and knowledge, but because of the time problem, I don' think I am able to make the blog so lively. I'm so sorry for those who visit that blog and expecting a lot of info from it.

Maybe, that's all for this post. I hope, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I still get time to frequently write the post on this blog.

Have a good day fellas.



Hi Faizal, most important you need to be concentrated at your study first, blogging comes later, ok?
cheers :)


Thanks a lot for the advice.

I know exactly what you mean. There's just so many things going on at one time that there's just not enough hours to get everything done!

Me so kurang-kurang update blog already. At least once a week should be okay lah I guess...