Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Your IQ in Financial Matters

Some people say money is not everything in our lives but without money, a lot of thing we can't do. However, having a lot of money is not an issue because the vital thing here is the way you manage your money and financial matter. How far you know about your credit card score, about your debt and how your manage your life plan base on your financial stability. So, the question here is whether you are financially fit or not? I believe this is really hard question to answer because of the failure to consistently track your saving and finance.

However, Bills IQ is your chance to measure your capability in managing money and your financial matters. It may does not give your the accurate measurement of your capability in managing money and financial matters but at least you can examine whether until this moment, you have doing a right thing with your money and financial matters. For those you have so much debt, I believe to be in debt consolidation and debt relief is your dream and you can get debt help from Bills IQ.

I tried Bills IQ once. Even though, there are parts of questions that hard to be answered, but at least where am I in money and financial matters. Frankly said, I need improvement in order to be better person in financial management. The good thing is I am not in debt because I am still a student. :)

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Me = bad. Okay I'm not that bad but I never manage to keep track of stuff. That's bad, right!


Wow, you must be really busy like everyone else too huh? So lama also you tak update your blog. :)

Hello Faizal, how are you and your heavy law books? ;)
I have a tag for you at my blog, happy Sunday!

True, money isn't everything but it is one of the most important things in our lives! ;-)