Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do We Have Third Option?

I blog less about my favorite tv drama, but sometimes when I feel what to do so, I will do. Alright, just to state, my favorite tv show of all time is the so-called Supernatural which right now is reaching Season 4 but I still not finish with Season 3 yet. There is one scene from one episode - the coversation between Dean Winchester and Gordon Walker that I want to give attention of it.


Gordon: You know why I love this life?

Dean: Erm...

Gordon: It's all black and white. There's no maybe.
You find the bad things. Kill it.
Most people spend their lives in shades of grey. Is this right? Is that wrong?
Not Us.

Dean: Not sure Sammy would agree with you, but, uh....


I am questioning about it, is it really only "black and white". The phrase seems to me bring the meaning that our lives only consist of two options - there is no third, fourth or fifth option. Sometimes people have to be in shades of grey because making decision is not that easy. I believe not all people will agree with Gordon especially Sammy and Me.

People have to take into consideration many factors before saying this thing is right and that thing is wrong because there are some stuff that can't be determined whether it is right or wrong in just a simple way. I don't really want to listen to Gordon - glad he was killed by Sam after one vampire turned him.