Monday, September 1, 2008

It's September

It is September now. In Malaysia, September is a reading month. I hope I will read more during this September reading month. Time moves so fast. I don't feel that I've gone through July and August for this new semester. Yeah, that's the thing. Time is really moving so fast and people are rushing for everything especially for money and materials (sound prejudice right?). Everyone wants a lot of money and everyone loves materials so much especially those materials that show the wealthy life-style. However what's the meaning of having lot of money if people are living immorally. Nowadays people see moral as nothing. People do whatever they want to do. The important thing is only satisfying themselves.

I have been a good and a bad man. I experience to do both good and bad things, but believe me, people, in the deepest place of their heart, they do not want to do bad things. They just can't stop themselves even they are telling themselves that they hate to do those bad things. It is not easy to be a good person. You have to control yourselves, but people with good behavior live a better life. They always happy and always in peace. We have to learn to be a good person and we have to learn to do good things and we must be patient in order to be a good one. All parents want their children to be good persons and everybody wants to be friend with good people.

So be good and feel good. Life not suck but it does not always beautiful.



hi i talked with a person in malaysia when i was at makhota hotel in melaka, he told me bout this, too.

hey imelda..

yeah it nice to know that you had been in Malaysia. Nice country right. And yeah, September is reading month. :)

Hey Friend. Just dropping by to wish you a happy Ramadhan to you :D