Monday, September 15, 2008

Not A Nice Day

Sleepy, bored and unexcited day in class. 8.30am-5pm. Another tiring Monday.

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Mondays are always that way. Hope the day improved for you :)

Typical Monday at the office then. Sorry I haven't been round for ages - have been totally sidetracked!!

Scarlet xx

Nick Phillis
Yeah I hope so. When Monday comes, I have to make myself stronger and more patience than other day.

Hey Scarlet
Glad to see you back here. Have a nice day.

just dropping by my friend...

think positive and try to animate your teacher so you will have fun lol

Light it Up Faizal!

Yeah... Mondays are always a little slow and uneventful. Apa lagi you puasa... mesti feel really penat kan?

:( Hope you're feeling better.

8.30am - 5pm in class! Whoa... that's like working hours la. No wonder you're tired.

Hope the day went OK :)

Yeah, I'm trying to be postitive. Thanks by the way.

Rozella, Nesaa
Monday always likes that. When Monday comes, I hope it will over soon, unless there is public holiday on Monday.

8.30am to 5pm? so long!
hope you're ok now ;-)

Hey Monica
I'm okay when Monday is over. :)

Hey buddy, I have a tag for you at my blog. Come check it out when you're free :D