Saturday, September 6, 2008

Same Saturday Morning

I came back from university sport center around 10 am but I didn't straight away return to my home. I went to motorcycle workshop to get my bike to be serviced. After servicing process, my bike performs better. So one job had be done and I felt so good.

I went back to home, got a rest for while, then I started the house keeping and house cleaning work. I swept the floor, arranged my stuff, and cleaned up the fan. After everything was settled down, I began to spend time with my laptop and internet connection. Another job had done and I felt better.

After I finish this entry and it had posted on my blog. Another job had done. I feel like the best.

Have a nice whole Saturday fellas.

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wow so rajin la you! ;-) btw, I have a tag for you here. hehe...
Have a nice weekend Faizal!

Hey Monica
Not so rajin la. But have to do so. Nice tag, but I will do it later.
Thanks. :)

halo, juz passing by! Really hv a nice blog here(^^) Anyway, hv a nice weekend!

hey xjion89
thanks for dropping by. really appreciate your presence here.