Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great Strikes From Berbatov

Finally, Dimitar Berbatov did what he suppose to do - SCORING THE GOALS - and he did it so well against Aalborg with two superb strikes towards Aalborg's goal. So, Manchester United is leading the Group E of Champions League. Winning another match means they will step further to the next and hoping to see more superb strikes from Mr. Berbatov. It seems like he started to get the momentum playing as the front line for one of the greatest teams in the world. However, at some point, I think he is kind of lazy player. I don't think he is good in dribbling but believe me, right now he is looking forward to make more great strikes which will cause more goals for the Red Devil.

Glory Glory Man United.

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wow that shot is amazing :) It's shots like this that keeps me coming back for more :) hope you've had a fun weekend :)