Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back For Posting

Now I am calculating to be back to this beloved blog with more posts because only two papers left for my final examination. Both of papers will be on this 9th November - the Arabic paper and Malaysian Legal System paper. I was hopping few blogs like Marzie's, Rozella's, Nick's and Monica's and it is nice to see people are keep blogging and establishing the relationship among each other.

Two more papers to go, even though they make me worry, but I can't wait to finish the papers as well as finish the final examination as well as finish this second semester as well as finish my first year of Bachelor in Legal Study and then I have two more years to go. If I am able to do well and if I am accepted to continue in LLB, there will be another one year to further the study. Keep that behind for a while because the crucial thing here is to finish another two papers. :)

After 5 pm 9 November, I will be "merdeka" (independent/free). But there is a but, but then I will keep to worry about the result and that thing of "waiting" does not make me so comfortable. The worry only end when the result is coming out. So, actually there are two things to worry, the examination and the result - what a thrill moment.

However, I started to come back for more posting in the next few days. See ya fellas.



hi Faizal, GOOD LUCK on your finals! ;-)

Hey Monica
Thanks for the good luck wish.

Hope you always have a nice day.