Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back On Track

5 - 0 against Stoke City and the Red Devil back on track with two free kick goals by Ronaldo and three beuatiful strikes each by Carrick, Berbatov and youngster Welbeck. With less one match and 8 points left behind Liverpool and Chelsea, Man United still has chance in the race for the Premier League title. In addition, Chelsea and Liverpool have missed one cup when both teams are out from Carling Cup competition. Now, the Red Devil can target for the first cup - Carling Cup.

While thanks to Aston Villa for defeating the Gunners and I felt so sorry for the Gunners for not able to shot Aston Villa because they did not have armor to do so against Aston Villa. Own goal - that might the thing that destroyed Arsenal in the match against Aston Villa. Plus, Ashley Young missed the penalty. Sometimes, a good player missed the penalty. Might be disappointed but have to accept it.

Now, the important thing is for the Red Devil to win all the matches that will come next. Make a mistake and lose will cost them so much.

Glory Glory Man United

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