Friday, November 7, 2008

Rescuing Files and Folders

For last three weeks until this morning, one of my hard disk partitions was "sick". It was accidentally unformatted and the thing that made me piss off is there are many important data, files and folders in that damage partition. Until last night one of my friend sent my through attachment the software that has saved my partition this morning and I had to wait for almost three hours for that software completed it task to get back those files and folders and restructure the damage partition.

After three hours, I got back all those files and folders. Fuhhh... Immediately saved them in other partition and format that damage partition and then, put again those files and folders in the "damage" partition that now becomes healthy. :) What's a great utility!!! I really don't want to lose the collection of photos, my academic stuff, collection of blog templates and much more.

Sometimes, technology doesn't make our life easy because technology has capability to make man's life more complicated and worse. For example damage partition that made me so worry about the files and folders. Other examples? Technology that could pollute our environment, technology that badly affected human's health, technology that used to kill people, technology to trespass to a person's privacy and etc.

So, be careful, technology not mean for the perfect life.



hi Faizal,
it's quite common, people do forget to backup their valuable data when everything is ok and later worry sick when something wrong happened, hehe...

luckily all of your valuable data were safe!

Hey Martini
That one, I totally agree because when everything is okay, people forget to prepare, not only in the matter of making the backup of files and folders but also about other things in our lives

yeah luckily, most everything safe!

True, true, true. I agree with you. Sometimes technology memang menyusahkan!

Good to see you back here on my blog. Yeah, don't rely on technology so much. But what we can say, everything that create by mankind has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everyone must accept that nature.

oh dear! I hope this will not happen on me...