Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Happened In Malaysia Today

I do not really blog about current issue and what happens in Malaysia on this blog because I have another blog where I blog about such matter more often. But, this time lets take a glance to our beloved country for a while, since the 12th Election in March, a lot of things happened, happens and going to happen. From the issue of "new government" to other issue of "new government" but there is still no the so-called "new government". The latest date mentioned for a "new government" to be formed is whether before or after Hari Raya Aidiladha.

I was blogging about oil's price and reduction of the price of other products in my another blog. The recent thing is about the release of Razak Baginda which I am so sure will bring another issue. The UMNO's election in March is also another thing to be glanced before some Malaysians nowadays are confuse who are the right persons to be believed because there are no people who did not lie. Personally, I believe the persons who are elected to lead and administer the country not only the person who are elected by people but more than that.

So, just wait and see what will happen next with the release of Razak Baginda, the slow reduction of oil's price and the so-called "new government".



That's right Faizal..we just have to wait and see..and hope for the better for Malaysia. At the moment, i do feel like Malaysia's having bit of CHAOS in the Parliment. If you knwo what i mean..

Have a great day Faizal!

Thanks for the visit. Yeah, for now and a while, we just can wait and see. Everybody hopes for better Malaysia but with different views and perspectives. But we still must act professionally without left behind the good attitude and behavior.

I've given up hope with our government. Nothing they say makes sense any more ...