Monday, December 1, 2008

1 Goal Enough

It had been a while. More than two weeks with nothing on this blog. Thanks for those friends who were responding to my tag. Last night, was an EPL night and it was so good to see Manchester United defeated City even though with only one Rooney's goal. For mean time, it is important just to win the match no matter how many goals it could be even 1 goal is enough to win. Carrick made a good shot towards City's goalkeeper causing the ball to bounce and luckily, Rooney was there to ensure the victory over City. Now the Red Devil is chasing the other two leaders of EPL.

In other occasion, thanks to Arsenal's Persie when he scored two goals to make Arsenal defeating Chelsea which still leading the league. But at least, the gap is less now. If Liverpool wins tonight, Liverpool will take over the first place maybe for a while. Won over Chelsea makes Arsenal to be on track again in the race for the league title.

No matter what, Glory Glory Man United!!!

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