Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back In Shah Alam

Holiday was finally over yesterday, Monday 29 December 2008 and today Tuesday 30 December 2008, the new semester is officially begins. I should have three classes today - Equity and Trust (LAW501), Law and Politics (LAW497) and Criminal Law (LAW505) and all these three classes are lectures' time, but lecturers may not still hold to have lectures in this first week. Today, if they enter the class, they might just spend meximum 30 minutes or 1 hour to explain about the syllabus, the coursework and the books students must have instead fully use the period of 2 hours.

So, I woke up early this morning around 5.30am because I felt so cold sleeping in the living room with other roomates, plus I want to check the match result between Manchester United and Middlesbrough which the review of this match will come in next post. Then, I made a decison to make some blogging. Actually, the class will start at 8.30am, so we must leave the house around 7.50 or 8 to take an early bus heading to the university. I returned to Shah Alam last Sunday, took the bus from Ipoh around 1.00 pm. Before that, my dad gave me a ride from our hometown Gerik to Ipoh, my mom and two sisters were also following us. And I arrived in Shah Alam around 3.40pm.

So, now I'm back in Shah Alam in new semester with new list of hardcore law subjects and with more assigments and difficult tests but I have a new spirit and a new desire to do better in this semester and hopefully the spitit and desire will not bed shaded or gone later and I really want to make a momemtum and remain such momentum, so better grades and pointers will come in the final exam in April or May.

So fellas, lets the new semester begins!!!



hope year 2009 will bring you better life and better result :)

flying colors to be exact!

oh, I thought that new semester will only begin next year???

anyway, Happy New Year to you and your loved one!

Thanks so much bro. and for you too, hopefully 2009 will be a better year for you, your family and all people you love.

Good luck and always have a nice day.

Basically, officially according to schedule, it started on 30dec but full class will start on 5th jan.

Happy new year to you too Martini. :)