Monday, December 22, 2008

First Cup of The Season

It is the first cup of the Season for Manchester United - FIFA Club World Cup, but it was not an easy game against LDU de Quito where LDU's players were really performing at their best causing first half to be ended with 0-0. There were few great attempt by both LDU and United during first half but none of them gave goals to either teams. Moreover, both goalkeepers were doing awesome job to make sure no goals scored by any player from both teams.

However, the second half was about to change, but the United had to wait until 73th minute to get the only goal which bring the first glory for United in this season. Thanks to Wayne Rooney who made an outstanding shot into LDU's goal defeating LDU's goalkeeper and thanks to Ronaldo who made the smooth nice slow pass to Rooney which opened the opportunity for Rooney to ensure LDU's suffer until the end of the match.

If I to choose the Man of The Match in the final of FIFA Club World Club, it will go to Van de Saar cause he made few saves that keep the United to hold the lead of 1-0 until the game ended. However, pity to Vidic who red carded after he elbowed one of LDU's player. But playing with 10 men was not an excuse for the United and the result is FIFA Club World Cup belongs to Manchester United.

p/s: How great Liverpool and Chelsea are doing in Premier League, both of the teams still did not have any cup yet. In addition, EPL still in the long way, and it mean, the EPL's title no necessary belongs to either Liverpool or Chelsea.

Glory Glory Man United!

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2 more cups to go buddy. then we are entitled to be called treble winner again! :)

Yeah, can't wait for 2 more cups. LOL.

Glory Glory Man United!!!

Congrats to Man U! You must be real happy!

Good day Rozella. Yeah, winning the cup is the greatest moment in football.