Saturday, December 27, 2008

From Gary to Berba to Teves to Goal

It was not a good game but al least winning the match is the most important thing and that what between Man United and Stoke city where United had waited until minute 84 before Gary Neville made a clear cross from the right side of the field to Berbatov and Berbatov gave the ball to Teves and Teves made it into goal to put United in the lead and won the match with one and only goal.

So, United is still in the race for EPL's title with less two games compare to Chelsea and Liverpool. It was a wise decision made by Sir Alex to bring out O'Shea from the game and put in Berbatov who assisted for the goal. However, it was also show desperation to get goal with three strikers - Rooney, Teves and Berbatov where Ronaldo also did a lot of attacking job but the Stoke's defenders seemed very tough, very strong to prevent United's men from scoring the goal. Stoke's goalkeeper also did many saves. United actually got many goal scoring opportunities but the poor finishing caused them to only win with one goal.

No matter what, they won the game, and they must keep the winning momentum to keep the EPL's title in their hands.

Glory Glory Man United!

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it was a tough game while it should not be...but i still cam accept that because of fatigue factor brought from the way man utd had done their best and hopefully this momentum will continue until the end of season...