Friday, December 19, 2008

If No Banks

I was at bank this morning, paid my dad's car instalment because he told me to do so. Like any other days, bank will always be fulled with people doing many kinds of business or transaction. While I lined up waiting for my turn to deal with the cashier at the counter, I suddenly was thinking about one thing - What will happen or what we gonna do if there is no bank, no bank at all exists on this world.

Money saving and business transaction might be very hard for all people in the world. People will only keep their money at home, in their safe, under their pillows, hiding in somewhere where nobody might not know or maybe keep it in freezer. :) If no banks, I might have to go far away to car's company to pay that instalment. It is very hard and time wasting plus more money wasting to fill the car with gas and plus lunch money.

The thing we must remember, everything in this world has its own contribution so gives some respect to everything especially the good one and provides benefits to us. One more thing, always be patient while at the bank because sometimes they are so slow because they are also people like us who can't be that perfect and they are not Superman who can do everything so fast, so quick.