Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking Both Sides

As all people know, we not always can be happy in our lives because there will be a sad moment for everybody or in other word, we will not be always on the top because there will be a moment where we are at the bottom. People cannot always win because sometimes we lose. We cannot get everything we want because life doesn't work that way. There are moments where you have to give up something you really want because of many reason.

When we get something whether it is good or bad, we have to look at both sides. What I mean by both sides? It is about looking at a person who is better position than you and also to look at a person who is in worse position than you because when you did it, you will learn to be so grateful with what you have and in the same time, it will encourage you to work harder to reach a better position.

Looking at a person who is better than you should not mean to make you jealous of that person's success but when you did it, you should say "I must work hard to be as that person". So, don't give up and keep your work and effort harder and harder. But you must also look at a person who is in worse position that you, because when you did not get what you want, there are people who suffer more than you, so looking at that kind person, will make you a grateful person.

In other hand, looking both sides can also be meant as planning a good future and learn from the past. Why? Because when you see the past, you know what you have to learn and which part of your life in the past that you must make right of it, then you start to plan what you must do and you must reach in the future.

Actually many things can apply on the basis of "looking both sides".

If you have any other idea, it is my pleasure if you could share it here.

Good day fellas.



this is no strange for is an instinctive thought..but sometimes we can't resist on inclining towards a side rather than the others because of some factors e.g persuasion and predilection on certain a weak human we can be 'balanced' but not all the time for sure...

"we can be 'balanced' but not all the time for sure" - I must agree with this one.

As you said, it is not strange, but most people always choose to choose one side only..

life is like a wheel. you have ups and downs. the way you deal with it counts :)

I hope I can deal with the "downs" part in better ways. Sometimes, "downs" part really makes us so down. But we must be strong right cause life is not a life if we are always happy every minute and second.