Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Blogging Journey - So Far

This is the last post for year 2008 and tomorrow, all bloggers will start blogging for year 2009 and of course including me, so I'm thinking to make this a little bit longer. Basically, I started to blog when my age was 18 but at that time I did not have much knowledge about blogging, so I just blog for a while and then left behind that blog. I can't even remember how many blogs I had before until I opened this blog of Mind Heart Lines. To me, this is the most success blog I have so far. I'm so glad to know a few great bloggers who are really good in blogging and they also have time to pay visit to my blog, do some reading of my writing and left their nice, great and useful comments and opinions. My huge thanks and appreciation are for these bloggers - Marzie, Rozella, Faisal Admar, VDS, Nick Phillips, Martini and Monica.

I don't really have many readers and visitors but with a few great bloggers I stated above is enough to make me to keep blogging and improving this blog. Right now, I also have another three blogs namely;

1. To Blog Everything
2. Life and Learn
3. Salam Sejahtera

Starting from January 2008, I started to rebuild and reestablish this blog, This blog actually started in July 2007 where at that time I also had other blogs where I blog for a while then I abandoned them and that was also happened to this blog. Later, I felt that I must have at least one steady blog, so I started to reestablish and rebuild this blog, after that I began to find few great blogs where I had learnt something from those blogs and those blog are again, Marzie's blog, Rozella's blog, Faisal's blog, VDS's blog, Nick's blog, Martini's blog and Monica's blog. I started to learn to find what topics I should blog, I started to know about tagging and awards (thanks so much to Marzie because I know a lot of tagging and awards from her blog), I learned to establish the connection and link with other bloggers and most important I learn to respect other bloggers' thoughts, comments, opinions and I learn to know people from the way they are writing on their blog.

As 2009 just on the line, I hope this blog of Mind Heart Lines has strength to keep alive and most important I have to have strength to keep this blog updated with posts and entries that worth to be read (if not, I'm so sorry). I still have a lot of things to learn but I must balance the blogging time with my study time because this second year of my Bachelor in Legal Study will be harder and demanding for more time, but it does not mean that I will leave this beloved blog behind. In 2009, hopefully, I might be able to get more readers and visitors for my blog, so we can share any thoughts, feelings and knowledge together. I love to know what people think on certain things or issues or topics even in some matters that seem small but still have impacts in our daily lives. Different people have different views.

So, to all bloggers especially to Marzie, Rozella, Faisal Admar, VDS, Nick Phillips, Martini and Monica, good luck and all the best for year 2009.



Hey Faizal, here's wishing you a great 2009 and may the year bring you all you wish for. And thanks for the mention in your blog :D You have a great blog and I hope to be reading more great stuff from you this year :D

hi Faizal, Mind Heart Lines is the first blog I hop over for year 2009 :) Hope you wil have more and more topics to blog and share with us, thanks a lot!

Wish you All the best too, have a great 2009!'re welcome...blogging is not only about writing,it's about connection...

omg! faizal i'm flattered. really appreciate this.

your blog is cool and the post always has good content. trust me, if its not a good one i won't be hanging around here reading your blog. instead of reading books, i love reading good blog like yours.

you know, a place we can share our thought, opinion and changing ideas. that's the best we can get from a good blog :)

i hope your blog will gain more readers who have the same intention like us... and hope year 2009 will be the best year ever for you. flying colors result and more good contents for your blog :)

i will be the loyal reader... don't worry :)

happy new year faizal.

Thanks Nick and Happy New Year to you too. Hopefully 2009 will be better for all of us. :)

Thanks and all best for you too. May 2009 is better year for you and your family and I hope you will be happier living here in Malaysia. with year 2009 in on, means, your kids are growing up.. cool right? have a nice day Martini!

Yeah bro, it is about connection.. I hope one day I will be able to meet all bloggers that I mentioned in this post face to face. :)

Thanks so much Faisal. I must put more effort to write a better quality posts and I won't stop to learn how to do it because life is about making improvement right?

Thanks for your support and thanks for being my readers and visitors. Your blog is also one of main blog that I'm hanging around reading your cool life's experience.

Happy new Year bro and have a great moment - always.

Faizal, my comment has disappeared?!

May this New Year bring you more love, joy and success. HAPPY 2009!

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Happy 2009 Faizal! Thanks so much for all the lovely mention here. I am so glad u found some good reads here in the blogworld, thanks for including me in ur list.

I also want to wish u all the best in ur blogging journey for this new year. Let's try to build better blogs for all, and have fun while doing it too! :):):)

Again (LOL!),

Wow Faizal! THANKS so much for the mention! We come to you because we enjoy MiNd HeaRt LinEs! ;-) May the New Year bring happiness, prosperity and love to you & your loved ones.