Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Savior With One Goal

They need to win if they really want to keep the pressure and maintain the position in the race of premier league title and against Middlesbrough, Berbatov again helped the United to be in such position, after did a great assist in the match against Stoke City, it was his turn to score the goal against Middlesbrough. Now the United played 18 games with 38 points not far behind Liverpool and Chelsea, at least United already had two cups this season namely The Community Shield and FIFA Club World Cup.

This Sunday 4th January 2009, United will face Southampton in FA Cup and if they really want to add the third cup of this season, working hard, play well and scoring the goal are the important things. So, United in third place of league now and keeping the pressure, so it will not an easy going moment for Liverpool and Chelsea, plus both teams do not have any cup compare to United with two cups.So who even better? Leading the league with unsecure title and cup already in hand, not one but two cups.

Glory Glory Man United!

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Besides,Chelsea and Arsenal was eliminated in Carling Cup...well,obviously man utd is on the course to win!

berbatov is not yet fit to be in the first eleven. that's my opinion. not much goal netted by him but champions league.

at least better than a draw :)

Dropping by to wish you Happy New Year Faizal!!!

Yeah, we hardly want the Carling Cup and winning it means we already have three cups, if we get FA, so it will be four.. will be a great season right.. HAHAHAHA!! glory glory man united!!!

Yeah, won by 1 goal better than draw. We want 3 points right so we won't stop to chase Liverpool and Chelsea. We still there to give pressure and grab the EPL's title.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

Thanks and happy new year to u too.

hehe we still have 2 games in hand and we need to win them all ;)

yeah bro.. 2games in hand, that makes more pressure for both chelsea and liverfool.. LOL!

Wow Faizal! THANKS so much for the mention! We come to you because we enjoy MiNd HeaRt LinEs! ;-) May the New Year bring happiness, prosperity and love to you & your loved ones.


I think you commented on the wrong post. Your comment should be in the the post of My Blogging Journey, but when I want to moderate the comment, I realize you had written it on the wrong post. Its ok, I understand it refers to the post above. :)

opps! SORRY ya Faizal! :-D