Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten Days To The New Year 2009

Year 2008 will become history soon,ten days left before we are stepping into the new year of 2009. 2008 must bring us some good and bad memories and those memories hopefully will be always in our mind and our heart. In addition, we must learn from the mistakes we had made during this year 2008. I believe, all us, when year 2008 started, put some aims or targets to be achieve. If those aims and targets still not be accomplished, we still got ten days to make those aims and targets as reality, but if not, just bring them to year 2009 and gives more effort to reach those goals.

Ten days to the new, some people still working hard for whatever they target for year 2008 adn some people just sit back and relax then start the engine again when 2009 comes. I'm might not want to share my experience of 2008 in here but my main priority for next year, in addition, my new semester also starts in new year, is to increase and improve my performance in my study to make sure my path to become lawyer or any kind of law enforcer, will be clear, steady and nice path.

So everybody, start the countdown.

Have a nice everybody and nice moment of the end of year 2008.

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(you are too prolific...)

i want to respond the two most recent post...i want to a blogger because i have some interest in blog is a good chance for that...

new year's hope? hmm...i just hope next year will be better than this year..there are plenty to come for sure...i incline to wait and see

I'm just waiting for the year to end. It has not been a great year for me and I hope 2009 will be brighter :D

Yeah bro. blogging is the easiest way to give chance to your writing interest.

If you into the Literature, I mean, sastera Melayu, try submit your work to Tunas Cipta.

Yeah, I also hope brighter year in 2009. Hope success will be with us.