Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Become A Blogger?

I don't really know the history of blog but since blogging becomes the lifestyle in today's world, I am wondering why a person becomes a blogger. Yeah, I believe everyone has his/her one reason to blog and becomes a blogger. Some people blogging to share their lives, some people blogging for money, some people might be blogging just to fill some free time they have and maybe some of them even have weird reasons to blog. Most people have multi reason for becoming a blogger.

When I started to learn to blog, I don't even know what to write, I just want to have a blog because at they time many people already have blog and most of them really have great blogs where they have many visitors and readers, After I started to gain more experience, I know you can have many reasons to blog. Sharing life, experience and knowledge is the simplest reason to blog. Share whatever you want to share as long as you think that things can be shared, even if you think you are willing to share some private stuff that people don't share, just go on. No one wants to stop you.

I am still in the progress to become a really serious blogger and I'm actually handling few blogs to challenge my capability in blogging and writing as well to challenge my capablity to find the topics that I can blog about. So, why I become a blogger? Actually my reason is to push myself in writing and this is one method for me to improve my English because Bahasa Melayu is my first language.

So, what your reason for becoming a blogger?



I started blogging just as an experiment and it turned out to be extremely addictive. But I would say that I like blogging these days, the amount of new friends I've met and of course the money I've made from blogging is also pretty good :D

It seems we had the similarity at the part of "experiment" and also the part of making friend. but so far, I still did not make good money from blogging.

this post remind me about what i said to one of the bloggers -- love-n-hate.

i told her that blogging is like facebook and friendster. when everybody need a blog, want a blog to brag about it among friends. its like if you don't have blog you are sorta stupid.

but that's not the real fact. the fact is not everybody can become blogger. some would rather talk craps rather than the fact or great experience to share with the world.

some don't even have things to talk about but they simply put pictures like what friendster provide. why not save time and spend more time at friendster instead of blogging? :)

again, its individual perspective and yes i respect that.

what about me? i used to have a blog for me to scream my lung out. i was living in a stressful world of my own and i need a place to scream and cry. so i built on. but after a while, i just abandoned it and i re-open it again by deleting all the content and it is the blog i'm using now to share what i think.

the reason i start blogging is because i want to share what i think. sometimes there are million of things in your head that you just can't get it out from your mouth and it playing in your brain every now and then. with blog i can ask for opinion doesn't matter in chemistry, history, politic or even entertainment. usually before i write i will make sure that i have some evidence in hand to prove or to write about. so that people won't think i have my stupid own conclusion or opinion.

instead of that i want to pen down my memory, my creative short story, my love life and many more. it's like a diary to me. so i can remember the date (i try not to talk about my property to avoid misunderstanding about me bragging about it).

i like to share what i read too and at the same time same like you to practice my english especially vocabulary as my mother's tongue is malay.

great post buddy :) great days ahead.

Thanks a lot of that great respond. Yeah, many things I agree with especially the part of some people are writing craps on their blog and some just put pictures only. But I highly respect for those who put pictures and write some idea about the pictures.

Thanks again bro.

Hi Faizal, how are you today?

When I first started blogging, I too didn't know what to write, but eventually it gets easier as I find more topics to write about based on my daily interaction with other bloggers.

It's nice to have a blog where u can look back upon and read ur older posts, reminds you of what went on in your life when u wrote that post. Blogging is like my personal diary of what I want to share with others out there. :):):)

I'm fine. Thanks. And thanks for the respond also. Yeah, me too, and for most people. It is kind of personal diary,the most important i want to share my thoughts and ideas with people but I still did not have manu readers.

thanks again.

Hi Faizal! these are the reasons why I blog! ;-)

I read the reason why you blog. Yeah, I think the idea of telling people to read our blog when they are asking how do we do.. is cool. beside not telling story to friends repeatedly, we can increase our readers and visitor. Nice. Happy Holiday to you too Monica.

Hi Faizal, my first intention to blog is to keep the memories of my two lovely kids, so that they can know it later when they grow up, at the same time you know I am far from my hometown and with this blog I can let my friends and family keep updated.

Later when I saw so many bloggers make extra money by writing paid-post, I am eager to try and experience it too though I have to pay it with my beauty sleep, hehehe… I can only write whenever my kids has gone to the dreamland!
But recently I have to give it up coz I just couldn’t manage my time, sigh!

Happy holidays!

Thanks for the respond. And the idea of blogging as memories for your kids. thats nice and sweet. I never think of it, yeah for sure because I have no kids, plus I'm not married yet.

You must miss your hometown so much but I hope you will still happy to live in Malaysia.