Friday, December 12, 2008

World Never Stop to Change (No 4)

I feel to write back about this thing, about how world never stop to change and how people refuse not to change but still there are people who prefer to remain the same. Back to early creation of the computer, I don't know if those people who create computer at the first place will expect that that thing will go through the most outstanding revolution and now what we have today - multitasking computer with extraordinary capability where at one point we can't even chase how fast technology such as computer can go through its own revolution.

As the thing change, people keep changing too in many ways too. In the way they use computer, in the way they manipulate it and whatsoever they want. Some people find out the good information and more people looking for pornography. Some people scam people to make a lot of money and little more people use the right methods to make some little profit. Some people doing work with microsoft word and some people doing hacking for pleasure.

Whatever you are doing with computer, believe me, it does not reflect who you are.

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