Saturday, December 20, 2008

World Never Stop to Change (No 5)

Do you ever imagine if Alexander Graham Bell never though to invent the so called "telephone"? How we will communicate to each other today. If I am not mistaken, the first conversation occurred through telephone was between Alexander and his assistant and the weird thing is that first conversation through telephone was accidentally happened. I am thinking if Alexander ever thought that his invention will become one of the most phenomenon in the world and from his first telephone?

As world never stop to change, people are improving the invention by Alexander and nowadays we see people all around the places and streets holding telephone and talking alone. :) From big antique telephone, now it become so advance, so awesome, the mobility, use friendly and many more great thing about telephone today. Communication becomes so fast, so quick, so advance, so comfortable, so easy and so nice.

As the ability of communication technology has improve so much, our communication skill should be advance as well. I mean that to communicate in the most polite method and good behaviour, Out there, big companies keep inventing more advance telephone and communication gadgets. Besides to make life easier, the profit is also important to them. For us, we want easy way to communicate and some people want to look stylish with the stuff that have such as having iphone and any advance communication gadgets.

Technology improves, so people need to improve themselves in the way of using technology such as cell phone in right way and with right intention.

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