Tuesday, December 23, 2008

World Without Crime

This is one imagination that will never come true, imagine the world without crime. So there will be no police, no military system, no judiciary, no traffic summon, no court, no judges and no lawyers. Most people hate crime not all people hate crime because there are people who love crime and willingly commit crime and some of them desperately commit crime on many reasons.

So, if there is no crime, mankind lives in peace every moment. However, I don't think that is the idea because we never feel the world without crime. The world without crime might be so boring and so lame. No action, no guns, no handcuffing, no forensic, no police traffic chasing traffic wrongdoers.

Then, I am wondering, do we really want the world without crime and do we really ready for such situation. To me, I might afraid if there is no crime in this world because when there is no crime, nobody need lawyer. Later after I finish my study in legal field, I do not have job because no lawyer needed in the world without crime.

So, how about you? Do you really want the world without crime and what's your view about the world without crime?



if there was no crime, surely there would have no law since a long time, profession called lawyer etc would not be put into's not u would not have a job as a's just at that moment, if true, you might involve in fields other than law...

maybe, IT?

We really have same idea dude, and I really need that job.

world without crime is the world we always dream of. this remind me of a song from john lennon - "imagine".

people who love crime? are there any? most of them i suppose do it in desperation. there must be at least a reason for them to do so. no one dares to against the law. even a little kid knows that they will be going to jail or get caught or worst hang to death if they do something against the law.

we will only lose lawyer and judge. we can save more on courts construction right? lawyers and judge can still find some other job that is related to them :)

i still hope that someday there is no more crime and world will be so peaceful. but i know... no one would agree with me that peaceful can be obtain easily just like that. i guess there is only way to see peace... its called "after death".

enjoy your holiday bro :)

Thanks for your respective respond regarding world without crime. Yeah if no crime, I really need to think other job beside lawyer and judge. :)

Yeah, world without crime not that easy. But everyone hope for it. or least the reduction of big percentage of crime, it is enough.

Happy holiday bro.

and now... world is "enjoying" watching hamas killed by israelian...

That's war crime and I hope Hamas will fight back as much as they can. I used to read one book and the title is "Hamas:Dr Underground ke Parti Pemerintah" and I believe they will achieve the winning moment sooner or later. Lets pray for them together.

So Mister Fy, you want to live in a world with crime, eh? Well, you sir are a traitor for that. I want to live in a world without crime. Why, I love boring things (but not all of them) and not having to deal with problems at all.

All my life, I've had problem after problem and I'm tried of it. And so, I want an everlasting utopia.

If you live in a world with too much crime, wouldn't you get tired of having to put up with people ruining your life and the lives of those who you care about? I mean, who wants to spend every minute and day of his or her life fighting villains?

Another reason why I want a world without crime is because there are people support criminals and think that it's fun to do evil when it really isn't.

Yet another reason for my being anti-crime is because lots of people misuse their freedom. In other words, they hide behind it and use it as an excuse to do things that they shouldn't do.

Now I'm no goody-goody pacifist. But I'm fed up with trouble enough to want all of it (the trouble) to go away forever.

You'll never change my mind. I've chosen my desire and I'll keep it for the rest of my life.

Yes, a world without crime.
It would be great, you could leave your door open in the night, knowing you wouldn't be robbed, you could stay up until 12:00 midnight playing outside in your yard you would have that special feeling of peace.
The movies though, although the world would be peaceful, we wouldn't have that kind of action, the exciting thought of chasing, seeing the good guys chase the bad guys. But we can't have a world without crime. Unfortunately, it's just impossible because of the way we need balance.
Myself, my philosophy, my peacful thoughts

Forget balance! Total perfection for me the whole way! To hell with crime. I don't need that kind of excitement. Besides, who wants to deal with antagonists every day?I sure don't.