Friday, January 9, 2009

Heat of Election


While all Malaysians right now are concern about Kuala Terengganu by-election, we are in UiTM Shah Alam now in the heat of election of Student Representative Council. Basically, I am not so interested to get involve in this matter, but then, my housemate, Mumu was asking me if I want to join and do the favor for one of the candidate - law student - my batch. Be a part of "election machinery" of this candidate. Initially I say "no", then when I know about the candidate, I started to change my mind. There are only two candidates from the part three of Law Faculty, she just an unpopular girl with leadership values and characteristics and her rival kind of famous and well know student.

So, I made up my mind and go for this candidate named Herni Laili, be a part of her "election machinery" and actually there are many other part three students of Law Fac are going for her. We are now fighting on behalf of unpopular candidate but with leadership values and characteristics, and if she wins, it will not only the proud of Herni but also the huge proud of her "election machinery". Our "election machinery" is led by Azian, a cute small girl but also with some kind of leadership values. The guys and girls who are being the "election machinery" have an extraordinary spirit and desire to work for her and bring a big win to our candidate and all of them have the leadership values,

Among the main persons of this "election machinery" are Hakim, Mumu, Raja Fara, Nabihah, Najihah, Aizat, Afifah, Fizah, Hafiz, Farah, Natrah, Amira and myself. Each of them have another 10 people who will work together during the period of campaign. So there will be gonna be approximately 150 people who will work for Herni to persuade students to vote for Herni. Among my ten great people are Badrulzaman, Arif@Kimi, Izzati, Shikin, Afiq, Azrul, Adib, Shima, and Monaliza. There are many other great guys and girls who are with Herni to make sure she will be part of Student Representative Council and work for the benefits of all students especially for law students.

So, the campaign's period is on. There are many things to do until the voting day this Thursday, 15th January. So, to my fellow bloggers, please pray for the win of our candidate. It gonna be a tough competition because the rival is well known guy but that's not an excuse to surrender before fight.




wah knape semua girls je??
owh aniway,thnx 4 dropping by.hehe.baik2 je tp kinda bz skarg, final year thesis.end of March nnt k.nadia dah nk blk 4 good.Dah dpt keje kat Sri Damansara (Epson).
nnt bleyh kacau Fezal kt S.Alam.wawawa!

i hope you will win the election :) i believe in your leadership tho. i know you can win this! :)

*fingers crossed* hope your candidate wins!!!! :)

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

Here's wishing your candidate wins out :D

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