Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Okay

As I previously wrote about the university election, the result is our candidate lost. There were six candidates from Law Faculty and only 2 persons will be members of Student Representative Council. I told her, it was okay because as least we put hard efforts for the election but students will choose who they want just like another election in this world.

Our candidate does have good manifestos, the only thing might be she lack of popularity. so the recent election we faced might a starting point for students and lecturers know her. So, for me, it was a nice experience especially working with those people who I did not really know before this. They are good people with mission and vision and friendship value.

So, as the election was over, our main priorities - Classes Books Cases Lectures Tutorials Assignments - are taking over back in life.



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Alamak I'm so sorry to hear that your candidate lost.

In such competition, we must accept the lost but its okay, it was a good experience too.