Friday, January 2, 2009

Three Types of Rich People

Nobody does not want to be rich. Everyone is dreaming to have a lot of money and be a rich or even richer or the richest. However, in my perspective, being rich not necessary you have a lot of money and you prove that you have a lot of money by buying luxurious materials such as expensive cars and big bungalow houses. But, basically, that how people usually recognize rich people - a group of persons who have luxurious cars, huge bungalow houses, going to expensive branded shops to buy their cloths and shoes and having their breakfast, lunch, dinner even supper at the most exclusive restaurants.

I am dividing rich people to three types, reminding you that this classification is not based on any scientific research or whatsoever, just on my some observations and experience with people, so here I come with idea of three types of rich people.

Fist type of rich people is a group of person that can be easily recognize as rich people with the luxurious appearance, driving an expensive car, wearing an expensive branded cloths and shoes, having a big or few large bungalow houses and etc. This type of rich people is a "show off" group where they show their richness wherever they go, so people can identify them as rich people. This type, loves to spend as much as they can. Of course because they have a lot of money, so they can waste the money as they want even for useless materials that actually no need to them. They just buy because they want to do so. This type of rich people might not become rich on their efforts, they might inherit the richness and a big amount of money from their parents or grandparents or grand grandparents.

Rich people who stingy and this is a second type of rich people. They do have a lot of money, but hard for them to spend because they love the money in they way to not spend it even sometimes on the materials that are necessary for them and the family. I don't know what this type of rich people has in their heads. To them, the property such as houses, lands and cars do not show richness, but the money itself shows the richness - this is what I'm thinking they have in their heads. The best example of this kind of rich people is "Haji Bakhil bin Kedekut", I'm not sure if there is still rich people like this one but I used to know few of this type.

Save the best for the last, so the third type of rich people is a group of people who is not only rich but also wise. Managing their money so careful, spending it and not wasting it. They can effort Merc or BMW but they choose Perdana or Persona - just as an example. They eat at ordinary restaurant as a middle class people. They wear ordinary cloths but sometimes they also wear the branded want when the occasions require them to do so. This type of rich people is managing and tracking the finance, not simply spend it and don't even know how they use the money. They might become richer because they rich and wise. People who are not rich or not having a lot of money but be able to manage the finance so well can be also categorised as this type of rich people.

Being rich does not mean you must have a very large amount of money and lots of property, but they way you manage the money and property you have. So, as 2009 is here, let's together be rich and wise.



i really want to be rich...but since i do not spend my money very much, it seems to me that the first group is what i belong to...hahaha

If I am rich I will try to be in the third group, hope it will come true one day, haha...

I think there are still a few "Haji Bakhil bin Kedekut's" still around ... LOL!

I wish I was rich but I'm thankful for what I have, a loving family and great blogging friends :D

I don't save; I just spend. No wonder I am not rich. :-D

Yes! Let's all grow rich and wise together! :)

Hi Faizal, I have a tag for you at Wishing on a Falling Star, have a great day! :)

i think the first type is about passion and satisfaction? i have a friend who can be categorized in this type and he simply buy good things like car and houses because it can satisfy him. he said what buying good stuff for him is like paying himself with a good thing after a hard work. he told me money can't be taken after-death.

i have a friend in this type too. he sold his car and just ride on a motorbike. i don't know what is in his mind but he just want to be as rich as warren buffett. he involves with stock mostly. he dd open a nasi kandar restaurant once but closed as i think it was because lack of marketing strategy. now he is focusing on his stocks and saving money as much as he can. i just hope it works for him.

by the way, property can be your asset or liability. the only property that we should buy a lot is house. house is an asset. remember when we buy 4 and more house we can even get tax deduction as we are entitle to be classified under 4D section. nice isn't it? instead of tax deduction we can also rent them and get side income too! remember that house is a good investment as the price never drop and if you buy the right one like in penang, kl and jb. no doubt you will be rich someday... or maybe sooner! :)