Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wayne "No Greedy" Rooney

Even though Dimitar Berbatov was the man of the match against Southampton where United won 3-0 over Southampton, but Wayne Rooney was my choice with his great assist for Gibson to score the third goal. He was in the penalty box where he was in a good position to make an attempt towards the goal by himself but he knew that was not how a good player plays because he saw Gibson over there, so he just made a beautiful pass to Gibson and Gibson was in a better to score and he did so well.

As for that, United will meet Tottenham Hotspur in round 4 of the FA Cup. Hopefully, United will keep the momentum to win and keep walking toward the FA Cup title. As two cups already in hand, FA Cup and Carling Cup might be the third and fourth cup for this season. Big credit for Welbeck too and to Nani for getting the penalty and made it a perfect goal. So, to all United's fans, keep shouting - Glory Glory Man United!!



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