Monday, January 19, 2009

Winning Streak

Last Week was a busy week with university election and whatsoever, so I got no time to write something here, especially to review the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. So EPL is doing well because United now on the top of the league however it might be a while if Liverpool wins its next match. So, Chelsea became a victim at Old Trafford with goals by Vidic, Rooney and Berbatov. Three points for United.

Then, early goal by Rooney against Wigan and one goal is enough. Another three points for United. They were approaching Liverpool at that moment. At it was time to hod the top league when United defeated Bolton again with only one goal, thanks to Teves and Berbatov.The goal at 90th minute was great but it was kind made me suffer to wait for that goal. So, the next United's game will be against Derby in the Carling Cup competition and they must win if they want the third cup of this season.

So, the fact is, the winner will only be determined at the end of the league and at the end of the game. That's why the goal at 90th minute is not unbelievable thing.

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