Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Busy"

Some people said, "student's time" is the best moment in life and I'm not sure whether it is true or not, what I know is when it comes to the second month of every semester, I feel the "busy" is surrounding my self, and that time is now. It is February and it is a second month for this third semester.

Right now I am facing the Law and Politics' tasks, assignment of the case review and tutorial presentation which gonna be next week on Thursday. Notes on Criminal Law and Land Law are still pending and lots need to be covered and one thing I'm afraid of is the time to settle down all notes before the study week and before the final exam.

Assignments for Criminal Law and Land Law will be coming soon and the tasks gonna be very hard and difficult - that's for sure. When the "busy" is attacking, I don't know which work needs to be settle first. I can't do all work at one time. Hard time is now. Cases to be read, lots and lots, and only few of the cases I am able to cover for now. Start to feel sleepy every time reading the cases.

This third semester will be ended in early May and now with "busy" beside me, time is really going so fast. Faster and faster - but still updating the blog.

Have a nice and non-"busy" day fellas.
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hehe! so busy but still updating your blog..that's good! Keep blogging ;-)