Wednesday, February 25, 2009


San Siro might less fun because neither United nor Milan scored the goal. So, the winner will be determined in Old Trafford, and United should have more advantages to play at its home.

Hopefully they will not do a silly thing.

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hmm.. kind of frustrated dis morning when i watch this match..but let's hope manu play well on their own field soon!

hope to win! badly hope to grab the trophy again this season.. m kind of greedy..hehe..

cheers, glory glory manutd!

Remember what I said in the previous comment? :)

I was not wrong.

But a draw was already good as Jose's team was not an easy task to be accomplished.

I know we'll win at OT. That's for sure!

Giggling Girl, Faisal Admar

Dont worry be happy. United is the best. Milan will be a victim at OT. Hahahaha!!