Monday, February 9, 2009

Keep On Rollin'

Giggs did the best job with his solo move and outstanding shot into West Ham's goal to claim back the lead of Premier League from Liverpool. Sorry Liverpool! Plus, United still has one match in hand. Now 2 points clear in front of Liverpool and 7 points in front of Chelsea. It can be denied that West Ham really played a good game with strong defenses. United got no space to make dangerous attempts until minute 62th.

Man of the match, of course should go to Giggs or other option, it might go to Teves, who seemed so hardworking on the field. Before Giggs's goal, there were few great attempts that might give goal to United, but West Ham's goalkeeper also did a good job until minute 62th. So, the clear race for the EPL title right now is between Manchester United and Liverpool. There rumours that Benitez might be fired if he fails to bring Liverpool to win the EPL this season. Liverpool had missed the FA Cup after been defeated by Everton.

So, come with me shout this loudly, Glory Glory Man United!

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told you... epl will be ours for sure! :D

I have to admit albeit grudgingly that they're in peak form :D

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