Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Beloved Perak

The new Government of State of Perak will begin this Tuesday. I have to admit, the conflicts are really there, with persons who "jump" over the political parties, with the Sultan's decision not to have election and with persons who crazy about power do not want to vacant the post after had been told to do so.

Personally, it is like a second chance to Barisan Nasional to prove themselves that they can really work for the sake of Perak's people. If Pakatan Rakyat is professional and has "mind", they should accept for what is happening right now. It is a clear cut that Pakatan Rakyat cease to command confidence of majority of members of Dewan Undangan Negeri, so they no longer the valid state government.

When people "acted" that know everything about the law, this is what happened. Please remember that Tuanku Azlan is a former Chief Justice of Malaya and former Lord President. So who's better is law - Nizar or Tuanku Azlan?



Hello Faizal! I'm back ;-) Hope everything is well on your side!