Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thinking About

Recently, I found few nice blogs with nice appearance and design, so I am thinking about changing a template - again, but I don't think I have enough time to spend so much time in front my laptop exploring new template and do some arrangements, because there are many things waiting for me, i.e. books, cases and assignments.

Around 330 am, United will meet Inter Milan, and I'm thinking about the probabilities that United has to win because Inter Milan is not an easy opponent, especially with Mourinho at that side. The big rivals meet again at San Siro then again at Old Trafford. I'm thinking that both teams have 50-50 probabilities to win.

Many tasks are pending now, and I'm thinking about whether I can finish everything one time so that my burden will lessen. I'm thinking about the land law's test this Friday, the etiquette dinner this Friday night, the talk on criminal defense this Saturday and another two tests next week on criminal law and administrative law.

So much things to think about.

So fellas, keep thinking, it is an exercise for the brain.

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