Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time and Me

It is 2 something in the morning and I just finished reading one important case on Equity and Trust. Yeah, it was a tiring day (yesterday) and somehow I found when it comes to the second month of the semester, I have not much time to read other people's blogs as well to update my blog. It is kind of disappointment for me because this situation might make my blogger friends think that I don't want to visit their blogs anymore and I don't want to blog anymore. I really want to visit and read their blog and I really want to keep updating my blog frequently but because of the other commitments especially with my study, I am now lack of time to write a post and a good post in my blog.

Time management is really not easy (even though I hope it is easy) because when there are too many things to do and to be done, we might feel a little hard which want to start first or which one needs more priority. Like myself, I have 5 hardcore law subjects. It is not easy to manage time to read all notes, textbooks and cases for all 5 subjects. So hard and becomes harder and harder. However, I remind myself, this is how life works. If everything is easy, you will not feel the beauty of life. The beauty of life is there - where you are facing nice moment and hard moment and when you have something to learn to improve yourselves and even better when you have friends who told you "everything is okay but you must never give up because life is about happy and hurt".

So, this blog will be keep updated as long as I able to do it and to all my blogger friends, I will visit and read your blogs when I have time to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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