Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time With "Orang Asli"

There are things that you can't learn in classes or from reading materials, it is called "experience". And one of the methods to obtain it is by involving in some activities or programs with some people whether people you know or people you never know before (you'll know them later during those activities or programs.

In the end of my previous post, I mentioned about writing one trip I followed previous Sunday (actually it was not a trip per se, it was a charitable activity). The activity was organized by one of the club in Law Faculty and the club is known as "Student Community of Law Club" a.k.a SCLC. I joined the activity together with some friends (and in same time making some new friends).

We went to one village of orang asli (aborigine people) in Hulu Selangor, specifically in the area of Kuala Kubu Bharu. Departed from UiTM Shah Alam around 8 am and arrived around 10 am. We were welcomed by Tok Batin (head of the aborigine people in one village) and other aborigine people. One important thing that I learned, personally, the aborigine people are actually a group of updated people, they are not totally left behind in the modern world today, but some other group of people or authorities must listen to them about what that need and help them to move together with other races.The activities we did there, inter alia, helping them to clean up their village, painting the surau and the mini hall, build a small fence to cover the plants and we did actually to establish a good relationship with them. We listened to what they want to improved themselves and made them realize about their right.

In the time when the development is rapidly occurred, we have an obligation toward these groups of people so they can be together with us to create a better society. When we are talking about living in peace and harmony, it is not just about Malay, Chinese and India but also include native people of Sabah and Sarawak and also the orang Asli (aborigine people) in Malaysia.

There are plans to push some authorities to bring the facilities there. If there are any progress, I'll update about it here.

Great experience to remember.



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